Client Unboarding Questionnaire

Welcome to Quality Healthcare Staffing Q.H.S. Quality Healthcare Staffing is a prestigious company, working with the most talented individuals within the healthcare field. We go through the strongest screening process, so that the top percentage of this field is hired. We are committed to our clients, to provide them with the best candidates. Quality Healthcare Staffing uses technology to process each application quickly and find the best match for each client. This onboarding questionnaire will assist us in collecting information needed in order to be of service to you. Please fill out the form accurately. tick the checkbox where required and write in the space provided as the case may be.

    There are two process that we go by when it comes to getting candidates onboard your team.

    * We can find candidates for you to hire (FINDERS FEE SYSTEM)

    -When you hire one of the candidates we found for you, a finders fee will be charged
    * We provide candidates as W2 employees on our payroll

    - We will find the candidates and we will pay them as W2 employees on our payroll. When candidates are on our payroll, you will be required to reimburse us.

    Write in Bullet-Points

    Write in Bullet-Points

    Mention all the questions or concerns you have. We will send you an Email or call you to ensure your satisfaction.

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