Quality Healthcare Staffing serves as your one-stop, round the clock Staffing Agency and is able to provide you with the right employees based on your requirements..

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We use technology to increase efficiency in our business, performing more tasks in less time. Collecting, organizing and managing records with technology, ensures accuracy.This we do because we value quality.

Transitioning from different industries into healthcare

We provide coordination and continuity of healthcare, during the movement from one healthcare facility to another or to patients private homes.We help the patient and their families to make this transition easier and convenient.

Working with temporary Staffing Companies

Working with Hospitals,Clinics and Nursing Homes to assist with short-term employment.This also gives job seekers the access to an abundance of opportunities.


We engage in giving expert advice to those working in this field.

Benefits of traveling nurses

Traveling nurses are provided with very competitive salaries and benefits packages.This model provides professional flexibility.


We care about the well-being of our nurses and that is why we offer career coaching, including showing you how to get the best out of an interview. As a result,this will build confidence and define your value.

Basic Life Support Certification

Saving Lives, One Breath at a Time: Get Your Basic Life Support Certification Today. Contact us and get registered for the BLS certification.

Home Health Aide Certification

Empowering Caregivers, Enhancing Lives: Your Home Health Aide Certification Partner. Contact us and get registered for the HHA certification.

Candiate Screening

We provide the following services.


Lack of accountability has corroded public respect for many businesses. With that in mind, we acknowledge the responsibility for our actions and decisions within the scope of employment positions. We work strictly within the bounds of the law.


We pride ourselves in being honest, showing consistency, uncompromising adherence to strong morals. Our code of conduct is not to cut corners in any business practice.


To discount the importance of professionalism would be a big mistake. It can affect our chances for advancement or even the ability to keep our clients. We see the need to demonstrate professionalism in every way. We make it our priority to be on time ensuring excellence in how we deliver as professionals.

Our Mission

Our experienced staff works as a team to connect with driven candidates and build relationships that will help us to connect them with rewarding and competitive opportunities in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.We reduce the pressure of hiring by providing driven and reliable registered nurses in a timely manner.

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